Conditional catch

Maël Nison nison.mael at
Sat Apr 11 14:21:55 UTC 2015


Has the conditional catch clause
ever been considered for adoption in the standard? I've stumbled upon them
while seeking if there was a better option than the classic "if instanceof
/ else throw" inside the catch block, and it seems like a really nice
syntaxic sugar.

I guess that there might be some issues if the "if" expression itself
throws, but that doesn't seem a huge problem (and I guess that the folks at
Mozilla have already thought about this?).

// I've just made a search after writing this and before posting it, and I
found this thread <>.
However, it is quite old (two years) and a major part of the discussion
seems to have shifted to StopIterator - which doesn't exist anymore, right ?
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