the Great Tooling Revolution

Domenic Denicola d at
Wed Apr 8 16:19:36 UTC 2015

This was discussed briefly at the previous meeting, perhaps un-minuted.

The basic plan is to develop the spec on GitHub, using [Ecmarkup][] and [Ecmarkdown][]. It will take pull requests, have a master branch that you can view (and implementers should view, to see any bug fixes made since the Ecma version), etc.

Brian did a prototype conversion a while back, based on an older draft and an older dialect of Ecmarkup (no Ecmarkdown); you can find that at I believe the current status it that we're waiting for the "final" GA-submitted version before doing the real conversion, since Allen is making editorial tweaks and bug-fixes up until the deadine. Once that's done we'll use some mutated version of Jason's [converter][] and start iterating and tweaking from there.

Unlike the current process, the post-ES2015 spec process requires two shipping implementations before a feature is integrated into the spec. While we're waiting for that, we anticipate proposal documents to prepare for integration by being written as Ecmarkup/Ecmarkdown spec deltas, with their own issue trackers. For an example of this, see [Object.observe][].

There's been less discussion about what to do with the issues list: GitHub issues vs. At the very least I would hope that we welcome community issues on GitHub, even if stays active.


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