Maximally minimal stack trace standardization

Carl Smith carl.input at
Mon Sep 29 11:49:46 PDT 2014

Just wanted to add that CoffeeShop []
already uses stack traces the way JSFiddle and CodePen may do if they were
standardised. This only works on V8 as it's the only engine that respects
sourceURL 'directives' when listing eval'ed code in stack traces.

Providing the trace as an array, instead of a string, would be nice, but
nothing special. It's not difficult to parse the string into an array of
hashes now. On the other hand, named eval'ed code is absolutely killer. We
need named evals now.

It's currently impossible to build a JavaScript shell in *any* browser. FF
provides line and column numbers for compilation errors, but omits the
actual name, so they may as well just not bother ~ it's impossible to build
a traceback on Gecko runtime errors. V8 honours the given name, but doesn't
do line and column numbers on compilation errors, so you'd better hope your
users never make a syntax error.

CoffeeShop uses CoffeeScript, who's compiler provides it's own line and
column numbers on compilation errors, so it actually does work in Chrome,
but the app can't support JS :/

We *need* (1) the name of the file (2) the line number and (3) the column
number. The function's name could be useful, but everything else is just

Cheers -- carlsmith
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