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> Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
>> I don't understand how you inferred from Andrea's post that "this
>> wish-fulfillment __noSuchProperty__ magic property does not have to
>> handle superclass delegation.".
> I did not infer that from Andrea's post as his position -- rather the
> reverse, because he said "I also think Proxy already gives us a way ...",
> to wit the code I showed earlier. Hence my confusion about what was being
> proposed that differed.
>     At minimum it needs to handle
>> delegating to the object's own prototype (it would be a pretty poor
>> NSP if it couldn't handle methodMissing use-cases as well), and I
>> don't think there's a reasonable case to stop at just one level up;
>> doing so would make this very fragile to refactoring your hierarchy,
>> as methods show up as missing or not depending on where they end up in
>> the class hierarchy.
> Methinks you protest too much. Just put it below Object.prototype and get
> on with life. That was the idea, anyway.
> Yes, what you propose is more flexible. Also more costly. Good luck
> selling implementors! I hope Andreas will comment now.
Out of curiosity, wouldn't Object.observe require implementors to add
precisely this kind of hook into the vm anyway?
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