My ECMAScript 7 wishlist

Boris Zbarsky bzbarsky at
Thu Sep 25 16:56:38 PDT 2014

On 9/25/14, 4:31 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> Yes, that is what I'm proposing.  If lookup fails completely (reaches
> Object.prototype without finding the named property), it then does a
> second lookup for the magic NSP property, and if it finds it, executes
> it with the property name, returning the return value as the result of
> the original lookup.

SpiderMonkey used to support __noSuchMethod__, I believe.

It was removed because it caused problems for the JIT (in addition to 
being non-standard, etc, etc).  Might be worth looking into what those 
were, exactly, before we consider standardizing something like this.


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