My ECMAScript 7 wishlist

Brendan Eich brendan at
Thu Sep 25 12:50:01 PDT 2014

Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
>    If you try to add it in a targeted way in the middle of
> your hierarchy, it requires either __proto__ hacking, something like:
> class superclass {...}
> ...
> x = makeNSPProxy()
> x.__proto__ = superclass()
> class subclass extends x {...}

(In such code, you need x to be a function with .prototype that is the 
proxy, as just up-thread at

but no big deal.)

Yes, the proxy's get handler must deal with superclasses other than 
Object, if that's required.

The requirements aren't clear (we're probably assuming something that 
doesn't match what developers want in full), but that's the point: TC39 
is not the library designer droid you're looking for.

> On the other hand, a magic property can be placed exactly where you
> want it, without any difficulty.

No one made a coherent proposal for the magic property. It was not clear 
from Andrea's latest post, where he even allows

"I also think Proxy already gives us a way to work around the 
`__noSuchProperty__` "issue""

that this wish-fulfillment __noSuchProperty__ magic property does not 
have to handle superclass delegation.

So please define the magic property fully before recommending it as 
better than the Proxy-based library approach. How would it work? The 
engine calls the function value of this magic property only when the 
object on which it is set has no such *own* property?

If so, then the handler function must not throw if some superclass 
contains the wanted name. Just as the Proxy get handler I showed does 
for Object.prototype.

If not, then does the magic property trigger only when the object on 
which it is set *and every object on its prototype chain* has no such 
property? That is a bit nasty on the JS engine optimized lookup side, 
but perhaps implementors should work harder so users don't have to.

Is that what you're proposing? Then we should summon optimizing engine 
hackers. I've cc'ed one :-P.


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