My ECMAScript 7 wishlist

Brendan Eich brendan at
Thu Sep 25 11:08:17 PDT 2014

Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
>> Ok, let's not hand-wave mixin syntax, though (Andrea hacks __proto__). What
>> >  API do you prefer?
> I'm partial to magic-named functions, but that's probably my
> experience speaking, rather than a more thoughtful opinion.
> Symbol-named magic functions would be better, since we have those and
> most other languages don't.
> Andrea wasn't even hacking __proto__ - they're just adding it to the
> class prototype, so newly constructed objects'll have it.

Right, __noSuchProperty__ -- I was an Andrea post behind.

How is this easier to compose than adding a proxy object on the 
prototype chain just before Object.prototype?

>> >  Or did you want `sealed class` or other such syntax, and I misunderstood?
> Nah, using superclasses in general is the bad thing here; it doesn't
> compose well without multi-inheritance, which JS likely isn't going to
> do.

Adding a magic-name property in the prototype chain is topologically no 
different (assuming no collision on the name, and no dead-reckoning by 
distance along prototype chain [which is considered brittle already]) 
from extending the prototype chain.

Instead of asserting "bad thing" and "inappropriate", can you show where 
the difference between the two (magic name vs. magic prototype) matters?


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