My ECMAScript 7 wishlist

Brendan Eich brendan at
Wed Sep 24 15:28:16 PDT 2014

Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> Using subclassing to bung in some arbitrary trait is really terrible.
> :/  It requires either adding it up high in your class hierarchy, or
> having to write a custom NoSuchPropertyClass which extends your
> superclass, so you can then extend it.

Ok, let's not hand-wave mixin syntax, though (Andrea hacks __proto__). 
What API do you prefer?

> I'm rather surprised that the group actually considered that sort of
> code to be appropriate - it's known that it doesn't compose well with
> other traits-as-superclasses or normal subclassing.

What code was not appropriate? TC39 balked at standardizing library API, 
and good for them. You want better API, design it!

Or did you want `sealed class` or other such syntax, and I misunderstood?


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