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Just to set some expectations, Although I follow es-discuss, I read more
than I discuss. So the point I want to achieve with this e-mail is:

I have played with dart since it was in alpha. And I also have been coding
with --harmony for a while. I would like to comment that arrow functions in
dart are much better than in ES6 (mozilla implementation).

Let's compare

In JS:
anObject.thatGetsACallback( (arg1, arg2) => { .... } );

In dart:
anObject.thatGetsACallback( (arg1, arg2) { .... } );

It seems much less invasive and it contains less characters. So my question
to es-discuss is: what is the current discussion regarding removing the
arrow for anonymous inline functions. Can we still dial back, and look at
the dart approach for inline functions?

Btw, overall discussions are awesome!
Francisco Ferreira
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