Idea for Strawman: separate the core standard library itself into modules

Benjamin Grurnbaum inglor at
Mon Sep 22 12:30:25 PDT 2014

With libraries like Knockout utilizing 'with', I'm not sure it'll go away anytime soon.

Also, withering works in two directions - we now have '__proto__' everywhere.

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>>>> >>  I know this would break a lot of backwards compatibility completely, so this is purely hypothetical, and I expect this to not have a realistic chance anytime soon.
>>> >
>>> >  Anything that breaks backward compatibility will not have a chance, realistic or otherwise,*ever*.
>> To square this with Matthew's response, the original idea was to
>> *also*  expose the core functionality as modules, to give you the
>> ability to grab "clean" versions of any standard functions you wanted,
>> while the preexisting global versions would still be there.
> Right!
> Isaih, this is good news: you can't insist on removing stuff, but if you put the cleanups and better organization in new clothes, the old drab ones will fade into disuse (even if they don't ever go away).
> This is kind of a "law of the Web." It turns out compat does break, and no one notices (much), over very long timeframes. At least, we saw this going from the early Web to the modern days, with a few things (corner cases in JS and CSS table layout). But these were never predictable, or major.
> With strict-by-default modules, we can hope for 'with' to whither away over a decade. I wouldn't bet on it, since strict mode is still opt-in and will be for <script>, forever.
> /be
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