Idea for Strawman: separate the core standard library itself into modules

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Mon Sep 22 12:15:21 PDT 2014

Transitioning the native API to modules is more of a proposed long term
goal of this proposal. It'll take years to fully realize.
On Sep 22, 2014 3:10 PM, "Isiah Meadows" <impinball at> wrote:

> @Brendan I'm aware of that pattern. For now, I'm more concerned about the
> option of modules. It would be nice to import the standard library features
> you need, and if, for some reason, one of the API natives get overwritten,
> you have a fallback.
> On Sep 22, 2014 1:18 PM, "Brendan Eich" <brendan at> wrote:
>> Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
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>>>>> >>  I know this would break a lot of backwards compatibility
>>>>> completely, so this is purely hypothetical, and I expect this to not have a
>>>>> realistic chance anytime soon.
>>>> >
>>>> >  Anything that breaks backward compatibility will not have a chance,
>>>> realistic or otherwise,*ever*.
>>> To square this with Matthew's response, the original idea was to
>>> *also*  expose the core functionality as modules, to give you the
>>> ability to grab "clean" versions of any standard functions you wanted,
>>> while the preexisting global versions would still be there.
>> Right!
>> Isaih, this is good news: you can't insist on removing stuff, but if you
>> put the cleanups and better organization in new clothes, the old drab ones
>> will fade into disuse (even if they don't ever go away).
>> This is kind of a "law of the Web." It turns out compat does break, and
>> no one notices (much), over very long timeframes. At least, we saw this
>> going from the early Web to the modern days, with a few things (corner
>> cases in JS and CSS table layout). But these were never predictable, or
>> major.
>> With strict-by-default modules, we can hope for 'with' to whither away
>> over a decade. I wouldn't bet on it, since strict mode is still opt-in and
>> will be for <script>, forever.
>> /be
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