Using Generators in Extended Mode for Co-Routines

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Generators are not implicit strict. Only modules and classes are.
On Sep 12, 2014 6:30 AM, "Carl Smith" <carl.input at> wrote:

> It seems that ES6 will allow implicit opt-in for generators, with the body
> of the generator being ES6, so it can yield. It also seems that the plan is
> that the body would be forced into strict mode.
> The following currently works in Chrome with Experimental JavaScript
> Features enabled, but would not work in strict mode, as the eval call
> wouldn't execute in the callee's namespace.
> function * realm(input) {
>     while (true) {
>         input = yield eval(input);
>     }
> }
> var r = realm();
>"var a = 1");
> The above functionality is required in an application I'm currently
> working on, and there's a few features that would use it. There's actually
> a large class of applications that could do so. I'm essentially doing a
> REPL, and REPLs are impossible to implement in strict mode. Any app that
> allows the user to enter code that'll be executed, needs to evaluate source
> strings in a persistent namespace. If that namespace is not `window`, then
> the eval call must live in a scope that can yield flow without destroying
> its local namespace.
> Lots of applications could use this ~ web shells, programming lessons and
> games, as well as anything that allows the user to script it.
> Is there a story for this kind of application, beyond use V8 and hope
> nothing ever changes?
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