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> There's a difference between "ZOMG WORKING IN SECRET" and talking to
>> people and working on something privately that is still being fleshed out.
> Hmmm...  In many other circles "talking to people and working on
> something" doesn't entail working in private.  I've witnessed a repeated
> unwillingness to engage es-discuss or the broader community on some topics
> over the last year or two.  Sorry to have to put it that way, and no
> disrespect, but that's how it is. : /

If you're talking about modules, I hardly think that creating a reasonable
fidelity transpiler in public, personally using it in my own (somewhat
popular) open source projects, and working with the wider open source
community qualifies as an unwillingness to engage.

Indeed, the vast majority of the changes to the module syntax over the past
year have come from direct feedback from community members who were
attempting to use the transpiler, and other community members who have
built polyfills of other parts of the system.

If you're talking about long, endless threads on es-discuss mostly
rehashing the same topics over and over again, largely by people without
usage experience, I would suggest that "es-discuss" is not the equivalent
of "the broader community". (which is not to say that feedback from
es-discuss is ignored, just that there reaches a point where the salient
points have already been made and are simply being rehashed).

Different people work in different ways. Personally, I try to give people
working on standards the benefit of the doubt, especially at early stages
when spec champions are still largely gathering feedback from people. You
may find it useful to present drafts of ongoing work while still deep in
the information gathering phase, but not everyone works that way. A bit of
empathy would go a long way here.
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