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> On Sep 10, 2014, at 8:44 AM, Matthew Robb wrote:
> Personally I have felt this way for a long time as well. I think `.esm` is
> somewhat confusing since most js developers don't really think about it as
> EcmaScript. I would think you could just as easily do `.jsm` but this also
> suggests that files of this alternate should be served with a different
> mime type such as `text/javascript-module` or something along those lines.
> I also agree (and have argued) that an external discrimination of modules
> and scripts is going to be a practical necessity and that file extension is
> the most natural way to do so.  Consider a couple basic situations:
> 1) linters need to know whether whether to apply script or module
> (including implicit strict) to the source files they process.
> 2) a command line js engine needs to know which source files listed on the
> command line are intended to be processed as scripts which need to be
> loaded as modules.
> command line switches or other affordances could be used to make this
> discrimination.  But file extensions are the more traditional approach.
> But, such conventions seem to be outside the scope of ECMA-262.

Since it isn't in any else's scope, I propose it be in our's.

TC39 has other advisory outlets other than the 262 spec, such as <>. If there
are no objections to recommending .js vs .jsm in this informal way, I
propose that we place it there. With <>,
we successfully got agreement across all implementations of something we
(accidentally?) omitted from the ES5 spec -- in time to make lexically
scoped functions possible in ES6/strict.

If we also come to an informal consensus about mime type, we could also
record it in this namespace. Or not.

>  .js isn't something that has appeared in any standard, as far as I know.
> Allen

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