import script --> .esm

Brendan Eich brendan at
Wed Sep 10 10:33:19 PDT 2014

Matthew Robb wrote:
> I don't see why they have to? Traceur should be used as a build time 
> tool that ultimately runs in legacy mode. Only REAL modern ES6 module 
> implementations would run in this other world. Basically .es files 
> today would be transpiled into .js files.

I doubt people will do any such thing. We can have more suffixes (I was 
against .js2 in particular -- that particularly confusing proposal was 
why I unleashed the Nope-topus), but if people can adapt their existing 
practices with AMD/Require/CommonJS modules and use just .js, I bet they 

Tools will have to read metadata, tea-leaves, and etheric winds to keep 
up. Same as ever.


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