import script --> .esm

Brendan Eich brendan at
Wed Sep 10 10:22:45 PDT 2014

Boil the ocean schemes never work, especially not on the Web. Indeed 
Allen's use of "dream" to describe the hope that in the far future 
everything is module code is not unfair. Dreams do come true, but only 
incrementally where there's local advantage.

Saw your followup to my Nope-topus post. You wrote "Legacy and should be 
ignored as much as possible." Good luck with that, I don't see how it 
flies. Is everyone going to switch to Traceur quickly or even slowly?


Matthew Robb wrote:
> Why not deprecate sloppy-script mode explicitly and encourage the 
> movement to module-strict for all scripts moving forward. Once you do 
> that then you can make the decision to spec the legacy code path as 
> separate from the modern code path. Then implementors would already be 
> adhering to the legacy code path for existing stuff and a convention 
> would need to be decided upon (somewhere) for differentiating the from 
> the new.
> I would go so far as to suggest the file extension `.es` to denote 
> this and at some point a different mime-type probably. So files with 
> .es extension or that contain module syntax of any kind would be 
> treated as modules and anything not conforming to that would be 
> treated like a sloppy script... Including files imported from modules 
> that don't meet either of those requirements.

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