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>> As soon as the language decided it would have a differentiation for modules vs scripts then it seems only natural that it should also specify at least some generic means of entry into one mode or another. Then it's up to browsers or who ever to determine what external signifiers would trigger module instead of script. Or the language parsing logic could say that in the presence of module syntax it will always be treated as module. I don't know if that's feasible or not *shrug* 
> Modules and scripts can not always be identified by inspection.  Consider:
> foo.js -------------------------------
> const answer = 42;
> ---------------------------------------
> The semantics of this are quite different depending upon whether foo.js is evaluated as a script or loaded as a module.
> This case is clearly as script, as a module it has no effect right?  Isn't the only ambiguous case would be explicit global manipulation, where we could decide module is used and (most of the time ;-) win.

so make it:

foo.js -------------------------------
const answer = 42;

now whose mind are you going to read to decide if it is intended to be a module or script.

Plus, there is the dream that over the long term, modules (including script like modules) will completely displace scripts for new code which means we would have an always "strict" world for new code.

From that perspective, if we want to informally debate file extensions to distinguish such new usage from legacy usage, I suggest "js2" as the extensions for source files that are intended to be parsed using the ES grammar  Module goal symbol.  This but the focus on "new style" vs "old style" rather than the subtle distinction between Script and Module.

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