import script --> .esm

Brendan Eich brendan at
Wed Sep 10 09:14:22 PDT 2014

Matthew Robb wrote:
> Personally I have felt this way for a long time as well. I think 
> `.esm` is somewhat confusing since most js developers don't really 
> think about it as EcmaScript.

(sounds like a skin disease...)

> I would think you could just as easily do `.jsm` but this also 
> suggests that files of this alternate should be served with a 
> different mime type such as `text/javascript-module` or something 
> along those lines.

RFC4329 rightly favors application/ -- but this is all beyond the scope 
of ECMA-262. Do Not Want TC39 deciding suffixes. Let developers develop 
conventions. (Just so long as they do not sound like skin diseases.)


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