Promise-returning delay function

C. Scott Ananian ecmascript at
Tue Sep 9 05:07:10 PDT 2014

The npm `prfun` package uses both prototypes patching and subclassing,
fwiw. And it implements both `Promise.delay` and
`Promise.prototype.delay`.  I'd be interested in feedback after folks use
it a bit.
On Sep 9, 2014 4:43 AM, "Sébastien Cevey" <seb.cevey at> wrote:

> On 9 Sep 2014 00:13, "Domenic Denicola" <domenic at>
> wrote:
> > (I also find the name `sleep` somewhat attractive, as a re-appropriation
> from threaded contexts. `await sleep(1000)`, heh.)
> Sleep has blocking semantics in all languages I've used it in (eg. C,
> Java, Ruby, Bash, etc) so perhaps best avoid any confusion?
> I've found `delay` very useful and natural in the context of
> Rx.Observables, where it is a method to delay each element in a stream,
> although that's a slightly different use case to what's proposed here.
> What's the recommended way to add capabilities to Promises? Utility
> functions, as suggested here? Promise subclassing/"casting"? Prototype
> monkey patching (I guess not, but some will do that if there's no better
> way...)?
> Reminds me from the elegant/surprising obj::func() binding syntax Domenic
> showed the other day in a presentation, too.
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