... A community is writing the spec...

Herby Vojčík herby at mailbox.sk
Tue Sep 9 03:36:02 PDT 2014

L2L 2L wrote:
> It worry me... That a community is writing the spec... That a community

Well, not the community is writing the spec. AWB is. :-)
And he can be pretty tough, I more or less stopped reading this list 
thoroughly after his letting one of the issues I saw as important left 


> is writing the spec.... Look like W3C... That everyone is striving to
> get what they want in the language.
> Most of us are ES5 developers.... Meaning we don't delve into ES6 and
> what else to come.
> let, const, and a couple of others spec implantation is okay. These help
> better the language... But your adding feature and no trying to better
> what's already there.
> You might as well call yourself W3C equivalent.E
> As long as one can write compliant ES5.
> A new more stricture spec/style is being made. It's call ES5+ meaning
> that all compliant code is to be writing in ES5 and additional add on as
> the let and const statement plus other +.
> What I see is more functionality of the browser api then an actually
> language. A lot of us hope this spec die, as did ES4.
> Most of what you're adding could have been another add on spec... Like
> commonjs add on.

I liked the idea of ES6 pretty much. The commitee was pretty strict in 
not adding too much, mostly paving cowpaths, had some roadmap, according 
to which ES6 should be approved in end of 2013.

Now is second half of 2014, and lots of issues are not closed yet, from 
what I see.

I got delusioned as well.

Isn't the model of big new editions of spec over; in the times we live 
now, with two-week frequent releases? I think ES6 will never see the 
light when taken from this approach. That's why, shouldn't the release 
policy be changed so that:

  - More frequent, albeit smaller, releases are embraced as a rule;
  - ES5.5 will be scheduled (and delivered) as a Christmas present in 
2014, selecting only small subset of less controversial items (let, 
const, Reflect global object with all API applicable to ES5.5, possibly 
block scope; no modules, no classes (unless there is consensus they are 
already near to perfect, though my issue was about new/super 
inconsistency), no symbols, no proxies, no for-of, iterators, 
generators, comprehensions, no promises);
   - schedule ES5.6 (and deliver it) for July 2015 with, for example, 
for-of, iterators, generators, comprehensions (it's all related, so in a 
single set) and if possible, classes and/or promises;
   ... etc.
   Possibly switching to 6 when something big gets in (symbols, classes, 

This would be nice. Really nice. To all of us who want to get ES.next 
and actually start developing in it.

Thanks, Herby

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