... A community is writing the spec...

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I disagree,

Although I don't comment here, I do follow the discussion and I have been
working with --harmony on Node.js for a while now. The path seems to be
going in the right direction. The things that reach implementation status
tend to help, I have found lot's of features very constructive.

Languages tend to evolve, that's how it is.


On Tue, Sep 9, 2014 at 10:54 AM, L2L 2L <emanuelallen at hotmail.com> wrote:

> It worry me... That a community is writing the spec... That a community is
> writing the spec.... Look like W3C... That everyone is striving to get what
> they want in the language.
> Most of us are ES5 developers.... Meaning we don't delve into ES6 and what
> else to come.
> let, const, and a couple of others spec implantation is okay. These help
> better the language... But your adding feature and no trying to better
> what's already there.
> You might as well call yourself W3C equivalent.E
> As long as one can write compliant ES5.
> A new more stricture spec/style is being made. It's call ES5+ meaning that
> all compliant code is to be writing in ES5 and additional add on as the let
> and const statement plus other +.
> What I see is more functionality of the browser api then an actually
> language. A lot of us hope this spec die, as did ES4.
> Most of what you're adding could have been another add on spec... Like
> commonjs add on.
> Have fun destroying a language.
> ES5+4Life
> E-S4L
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