... A community is writing the spec...

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It worry me... That a community is writing the spec... That a community is writing the spec.... Look like W3C... That everyone is striving to get what they want in the language.

Most of us are ES5 developers.... Meaning we don't delve into ES6 and what else to come.

let, const, and a couple of others spec implantation is okay. These help better the language... But your adding feature and no trying to better what's already there.

You might as well call yourself W3C equivalent.E

As long as one can write compliant ES5.

A new more stricture spec/style is being made. It's call ES5+ meaning that all compliant code is to be writing in ES5 and additional add on as the let and const statement plus other +.

What I see is more functionality of the browser api then an actually language. A lot of us hope this spec die, as did ES4.

Most of what you're adding could have been another add on spec... Like commonjs add on.

Have fun destroying a language.


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