Promise-returning delay function

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Mon Sep 8 16:13:39 PDT 2014

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Subject: RE: "use strict" VS setTimeout

> Let's just be sure that we avoid this mistake when promises grow something like Q's Q.delay. Promise.delay? Promise.prototype.delay?

IMO this should be a utility function that uses promises, not a feature of promises/promise classes themselves. So it would be e.g. `global.delay` or `import delay from "js/flow"` or something. I think in general promise utility functions are a slippery slope and I'd feel more comfortable sliding down that slope if we kept them in a module instead of grafting them onto the class itself. I'd rather reserve that for things that are core to the promise experience, either control-flow wise (`Promise.prototype.finally`, perhaps `Promise.any`) or for pipelining (`.get`, `.call`, etc.).

BTW I definitely agree that promise-returning `delay(ms)` as a better `setTimeout` should be part of the standard library.

(I also find the name `sleep` somewhat attractive, as a re-appropriation from threaded contexts. `await sleep(1000)`, heh.)

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