"use strict" VS setTimeout

Andrea Giammarchi andrea.giammarchi at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 15:15:28 PDT 2014

Thanks for the background history, however I am still not sold the fact
it's a global object method should mean a global context should be passed.

Following, a snippet simulating what would be my expectations

window.myTimer = function (callback, delay) {
  // queue the callback as the task in delay milliseconds
  // then in that future ...
  callback(); // invoke such callback, that's it !


I wasn't expecting `setTimeout` or `setInterval` to be in charge of passing
a context ... this looks to me as wrong as the old `([].sort)()` returning
the global context, completely unexpected being not a matter/responsibility
of that method.

At least most of us agreed that's a potential implicit parameter leak but I
am still sceptic the effort to fix it cross platform would be worth saving
such leak.

Best Regards

On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 10:38 PM, Brendan Eich <brendan at mozilla.org> wrote:

> Mark Miller wrote:
>> Yes, this is indeed the only question that Andrea and I are raising in
>> this thread. As you acknowledge, providing window here is a little strange.
>> I quibble with "a little". When a surprise surprises by providing less
>> authority than expected, I don't much care. When the surprise is that more
>> authority is provided than expected, that's a more serious issue.
> In 1995-96, this wasn't surprising. Frames and framesets were there, also
> window.open. Calling otherWindowOrFrame.setTimeout(func, delay, args)
> worked by passing otherWindowOrFrame bound to |this| when invoking func.
> (Er, only in 1996 -- setTimeout originally took a string as first
> parameter and eval'ed it, no function variant.)
> It is what it was :-P.
> The surprise may be in thinking of sloppy-mode global functions as
> |this|-free procedures, when they were rather global object methods.
> Calling otherWindowOrFrame.func(args) bound |this| as you would expect, and
> calling func in the context of otherWindowOrFrame bound the same |this|
> value. Sloppy FTW :-P.
> Agreed it is an implicit parameter capability leak. I'm just giving the
> view as it was in the past, which is enshrined not only in sloppy mode as
> you note, but in the spec for Window::setTimeout.
> /be
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