Proxy objects and collection

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Tue Sep 2 11:07:52 PDT 2014

I'd like to submit a request for some sort of Proxy collection
notification, so resources can be freed.
This will greatly help with language interoperability.

I'm the maintainer of lua.vm.js[1], which allows Lua code to run in the
I've managed to construct a simple and robust cross-language bridge, so
that Lua code can interact with Javascript objects.
When the Lua no longer references the Javascript object, its garbage
collector notifies me (via the __gc metamethod[2]).
At this point, I drop the reference to the JS object, and the JS garbage
collector can collect it if needed.
However, currently, exposing a Lua function or object to Javascript does
not have the same ability;
there is no way (that I know of) to know when Javascript no longer needs
your object.

Example use case:
A Lua script wishes to have a Lua function called on an interval:
`timerid = window:setInterval(function() window.console:log("ping") end)`
Later, it wishes to clear the timer:
This will stop the function from being called, but I have no way to notify
Lua that the function can be collected.

The closest thing maturing in this direction seems to be Revocable
However, these still require a manual function call to `revoke` on the
Javascript side of things.

So, I'd like to see some sort of "trap" that is fired when a Proxy is
To prevent over specifying how Javascript garbage collectors should operate,
I propose that the trap *may* only be called at some *undefined* point
after the object is not strongly referenced.


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