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>> I’d expect the following code to log `GET bla`, but it currently doesn’t in Firefox. That’s because the Firefox implementation of proxies isn’t finished yet, right?
> Yes. That would be <> I think.
> Correct, that's a known bug. Jason and Eric (CC'd) are working on fixes to our MOP and Proxy implementation and I'd guess that this'll be fixed soon-ish. As pointed out in the bug, you can work around it by also implementing a [[Has]] handler.

Thanks David and Till!

I’ve only recently become fully aware of how much work that is, because proxies expose so much of the MOP (especially when it comes to getting and setting properties). With a proxy that logs when traps are triggered, you can see that auto-expansion in the Firefox console already triggers `ownKeys`, which is nice.

I’m looking forward to `Reflect` being available in Firefox: <>
As you probably know, this is a polyfill:


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