async/await improvements

Jeff Morrison lbljeffmo at
Wed Nov 12 12:58:57 PST 2014

Even if async functions are changed to only be callable from an async 
context or toplevel, they could still be promise-based from an 
implementation's point of view.

The only thing they couldn't do (under this proposal) is expose the 
promise being used to userland (to eliminate the chance for userland to 
hold on to the promise and expect to be able to add an error handler at 
any time).


On 11/12/14, 10:32 AM, Kevin Smith wrote:
>     This only works if we don't make async functions return promises. This
>     is totally doable and just matter if there's enough consensus on it.
> Well, that's not really going to happen, though.  Async functions will 
> be promise-based:  it's a core design feature.
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