How are module specifiers resolved?

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> Subject: How are module specifiers resolved?
> As far as I can tell, the ECMAScript spec doesn't answer this directly.
The HostNormalizeModuleName section says: "The actual normalization mapping
is implementation defined but typically includes processes such alphabetic
case normalization and expansion of abbreviated file system paths." (
so it sounds like the details of how that will work in web browsers, and
how it will work in node.js, etc., will be defined in a different spec,
perhaps owned by the w3c or something like that. Does (a draft of) that
other spec exist yet? Thanks!

As far as my understanding goes, there may not be a consistent, universal
spec. Node may choose to handle paths one way, and W3C another. The Web
will likely need to address Web resources and their location on the
Internet, whereas on Node, Rhino, etc., that problem may likely never
exist, as they won't need the features. Conversely, those platforms will
have to take into account Windows vs Unix path names, which are a whole
different beast in of themselves, one Web pages may never have to touch.
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