async/await improvements

James Long longster at
Wed Nov 12 07:33:41 PST 2014

> Again, this is a generic issue for promises:  a good solution there will
> "fix" everything.

It's inherent in the promise design, there is no way to truly fix
promises. You have to mark the end of a promise chain. It's always
going to be that way.

> My preferred solution to this problem:  modify host-to-user "dispatchers" so
> that if user code returns a rejected promise to the host, an error is
> reported.  So for instance, if user code returns a rejected promise from a
> DOM element event handler, the browser would log the error and call
> `window.onerror`.  With async functions, this would work almost
> transparently:
>     element.addEventListener("click", async event => {
>         throw new Error("boom");
>     });
> The host would pick up the rejection returned from the handler and report
> the error.

If you've ever worked on a complex app that uses promises, you know
this doesn't really change anything. Promise chains are everywhere and
you have to make sure to end them.

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