Integrating the Webs' dependency systems

Kevin Smith zenparsing at
Thu May 29 08:59:02 PDT 2014

>> Assuming the requirements of the different hosting environments are
>> similar enough that it's possible to factor out some sort of common thing
>> (presumably with hookable bits for the parts where hosting environments
>> want different behavior), of course.  If the hookable bits start being the
>> whole thing, that would suggest that the requirements are not similar
>> enough....  Hard to say until we try.
> I wholeheartedly agree. Let's try.

I think a better approach (perhaps parallel) would be to imagine a scenario
where the host environment defines the loading framework, and seeing how
that changes the ES spec.  My hunch (untested of course), is that, as long
as the host provides some elegant promise-returning primatives, the ES spec
would be much simplified and streamlined by the change.
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