Syntactic sugar for using a function as if it were a method of its first argument

Claude Pache claude.pache at
Tue May 27 08:54:32 PDT 2014

Le 27 mai 2014 à 17:04, Jasper St. Pierre <jstpierre at> a écrit :

> (...) Namely, the whole ('elements') looks like a method call containing one argument, rather than having a secret hidden argument as its first.

Yes, it was exactly intended to appear as such, making `obj.{Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor}('elements')` similar to `obj.hasOwnProperty('elements')`, for instance. If it helps, you could think of `foo.{Bar.baz}` as defining a temporary method: `(function(...args) { return Bar.baz(this, ...args) })`, or: `Bar.baz.bind(Bar, foo)`.


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