Integrating the Webs' dependency systems

Kevin Smith zenparsing at
Fri May 23 20:07:25 PDT 2014

> A script could then tell the system to add this <img> element /
> HTMLImageElement object as one of the dependencies for a script it was
> injecting, so that that script doesn't run until the image is downloaded.
> (Doing this, assuming the script is then told to run immediately, would be
> another way of telling the image it was needed. That's one reason to have
> the dependency system be abstract like this: it lets different parts of
> the platform participate by just exposing a generic interface, so that Web
> authors think we designed this all as one coherent whole.)
Do you think that, in principle, a resource of a given type should be able
to declaratively specify a dependency upon a resource of a different type?

So, for example, an ES module might hypothetically declare a dependency
upon a CSS stylesheet and vice versa?

I think *the* critical attribute that such a dependency system must have is
a universal syntax and semantics for identifying resources, across all
resource types.  In other words, all resources must be identified by

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