Promises, the middle state : negociation

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I don't pretend that impossible to do with current promises.

I'm just saying that we can get a complexity that could be easily avoided.

And a catch/then doesn't allow to return in the first promise onFulfilled,
without embedded promises.

I think a practical example might better illustrate the thing.

Imagine, we have to check a data integrity, firstly internal, or from
external sources, if the internal data is corrupted.

The integrity controller is a foreign promisable controller , with a custom
hash method & a fingerprint... we can't touch it.

var foreignController;

foreignController = (function () {
    var fingerPrint,

    fingerPrint = 'aforeignfingerprint';

    hash = function hash(data) {
        // foreign ownmade hash calculator

    controller = function controller(resolve, reject, negociate) {
        var data,

        data =;
        isValid = fingerPrint === hash(data);

        if (isValid) {
            return resolve(data);

        sources = this.sources;

        if (sources.length) {
            // not an error, we only remove that source
            // and try with the next one
            return negociate(sources.shift());

        reject(new Error('No valid data found'));

    return controller;
Now, the data ownmade data checker :

var getDataSync,

getDataSync function getDataSync(source) {
    // data collector

onFulFilled = function onFulFilled(value) {
    // valid data treatment

onRejected = function onRejected(reason) {
    // no valid data found

onNegociated = function onNegociated(resolve, reject, negociate, retry,
value) {
    var source;

    source = this.sources[0]; = getDataSync(source);

    console.log('data source corrupted : ' + value);


handler = {
    data: 'some data',
    sources: ['internal', 'an.external.url', 'another.external.url', '...']

controller = foreignController.bind(handler);

new Promise(controller)
    .then(onFulFilled, onRejected, onNegociated.bind(handler))
    /* a lot of thens */;


Personnaly, I don't see how the current promises can solve it as simply.

Michaël Rouges - - @Lcfvs
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