Brendan Eich brendan at
Wed May 14 18:02:28 PDT 2014

Axel Rauschmayer wrote:
> What is the best “bytecode isn’t everything” article that exists? The 
> “the web needs bytecode” meme comes up incredibly often, I’d like to 
> have something good to point to, as an answer.
> This one looks good: 

That's a good one. It reflects lots of discussions Alon and others, 
including yours truly, have had over the years.

The important point is not just "bytecode isn't everything" -- also 
important are trade-offs in have two syntaxes, something that came up 
here on es-discuss long ago. Here's a post from Maciej of Apple:

The topic then was AST encoding, not something people think of as 
"bytecode". Michael Franz at UCI and Ben Livshits at MSR had worked on 
arithmetic coding of ASTs (avoids need for verification).

The topic is deep and memes die hard. I think Alon's post is the right 
thought-piece; anyone have others?


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