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Thu Mar 6 17:09:02 PST 2014

Le 7 mars 2014 à 00:45, C. Scott Ananian <ecmascript at> a écrit :

> And don't forget the related `DOMTokenList`, which is in
> Element.classList and thus used by everyone always.

Indeed, and there is also the (less known) `htmlFor` property of  the <output> element, which is precisely a `DOMSettableTokenList`.

Since arraylike interfaces from the DOM uses `.contains()`, for the sake of consistency, the corresponding method on `Array.prototype` ought to be named `.contains()`. Sets are quite different from Arrays, so it is less important to have the same naming scheme as Sets than as all other arraylikes. (And another weaker reason to prefer `.contains()`: Maps and WeakMaps uses `.has()` for *keys*, and here we are talking about the *values* of an Array.)


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