Boris Zbarsky bzbarsky at MIT.EDU
Thu Mar 6 13:59:54 PST 2014

On 3/6/14 4:49 PM, Brendan Eich wrote:
> What's with all the "no one implements" (including #3) stuff in specs?

IDL Arrays in general are not implemented by anyone that I know of (and 
possibly ever).  They were a new concept added in WebIDL that hasn't 
really caught on with implementations.  In Gecko's case that was because 
we never got around to it, and it was simpler to use the infrastructure 
we needed to create anyway or already had for "indexed getters" (c.f. 
DOMStringList, NodeList, etc) than to create a bunch of new 
infrastructure for IDL Arrays.

And then people realized that in some ways IDL Arrays are an attractive 
nuisance even if they were implemented, which made the priority on 
implementing them even less. has discussion 
that's worth reading, if people haven't already, about the various use 
cases that arise for arrays and arraylikes and how to best solve them.

> Are the specs new?


> Are we in a situation (even in #3, _pace_ Jonas)
> where the specs should be changed to reflect reality?

Yes.  Need to figure out what reality is or should be, first.


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