Brendan Eich brendan at
Thu Mar 6 13:49:36 PST 2014

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> 1) document.styleSheetSets.
> 2) Microdata API.
> 3) Various places in indexeddb.
> 4) The DataTransfer API.
> 5) Some sort of offline resource list API that's not part of any 
> standard I can find.
> #1 is not implemented by anyone but Gecko, and the spec is claiming 
> it's a DOMString[], which no on implements at all.
> #2 is likewise not implemented by anyone but Gecko at this point, and 
> the spec likewise claims DOMString[] (which again no one implements).
> For #3 I've heard Jonas claim he'd like to just moving ES arrays there.
> #4 is specced as a DOMString[], which again no one implements. 

What's with all the "no one implements" (including #3) stuff in specs? 
Are the specs new? Are we in a situation (even in #3, _pace_ Jonas) 
where the specs should be changed to reflect reality?


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