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> String.prototype.endsWith and are functions, and their JS
> implementations are nontrivial to memorize and type (although not the worst
> examples).  Memorizing PI to more than a few digits is nontrivial.  Same
> with Math.E, or Math.atan2, or most of the other Math functions and
> properties.
> Remembering that PI*2 is TAO is required to even make use of it,
> unless/until mathematicians, books, and wikipedia start using TAO where 2
> PI is currently used, you have to convert them.  So if you decide to used
> it, you already know the definition.  The alternative to other things in
> JavaScript (for the most part) spending time researching how to implement
> it, comparing existing implementations, or having to look up a constant
> value (e.g. 3.141592653589793).
> Seems a little silly, and I'd rather see some of the use cases for it end
> up on Math if anything.

I'm sorry that no one corrected you in your previous post, but "tao" is a
Chinese term for "the way" or "the path". Tau is a letter in the Greek
alphabet—they are not related in anyway whatsoever.

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