Brendan Eich brendan at
Mon Jun 30 14:25:16 PDT 2014

alawatthe wrote:
> Brendan you said once that "Math is becoming a dumping ground" see 
> here 
> (So it surprised me much, that you want to champion Math.TAU at the 
> next TC39 meeting.)

Champion is TC39 code-word for advocate, but I don't have a dog in this 
hunt. I am opposed to "-isms" or ideologies in general, so specifically 
I'm against "tau-ism". I'll give Math.TAU a fair shake, but won't take 
too much of TC39's valuable time.

> I don't think that Math is a dumping ground (or becoming one), but I 
> see no reason to include a property we don't need
> and make the Math object even more looking like a dumping ground to 
> some people.
> Instead of tau we could add more useful things to the Math object like 
> the gamma function and the error function.
> (I’m pretty sure that as soon as I propose those functions, someone 
> will come with the dumping ground argument.)

No, those are plausible, and IIRC they came up back in ES3 days 
(Waldemar may recall better). Good context for the Math.TAU discussion.

> -- alawatthe aka alex

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