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Fri Jun 27 06:51:50 PDT 2014

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> The second option, on the other hand, will take us back to the drawing board and I don't see how we can do that within the ES6 timeline.

We should not be concerned about timeframe in terms of what official Ecma spec revision modules land in. ES has moved to a train model, recognizing that it's more important when features ship in browsers than when Ecma publishes a copyrighted document containing the features. Modules are probably in stage 2, verging on stage 3, of [the TC39 process][1]. They won't make it into ES6 until they land in stage 4, and no implementation has started on them. It's not clear to me that keeping the current design would actually incentivize implementers to implement them any faster than if they dropped back to stage 1, especially since implementers generally prioritize features with high user demand, whereas modules in their current state are definitely "mixed signals."


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