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> To me, though, that goes back to the destructuring/not destructuring
> aspect. Maybe this has floated by during the bikeshedding, but why not
> something like:
>     //import a single named export
>     import foo from "bar";
>     //import multiple named exports
>     import foo, baz from "bar";
>     //alias an imported named export
>     import foo as fooAlias from "bar";
>     //import the module
>     import "bar" as bar;

I like the fact that this doesn't look like destructuring, since variable
binding is different from destructuring assignment.  Could
import foo, baz from "bar" as bar;
allowed simultanous import of named exports and the module itself?  If so,
the grammar gains a pleasing regularity.

OTOH, I think this syntax reorganization is orthogonal to some of the other
issues discussed.  In particular, your latter proposal still allows for
user confusion between:
import _ from "underscore";
import "underscore" as _;
The various proposals seem to try to address this by making these
semantically identical (or near-identical, with some cooperation from the
module author).
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