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Thu Jun 26 05:55:40 PDT 2014

> Now the author can choose to export more things later without making
> breaking changes to the module. The only downside to this is the
> (apparently mandatory) curly braces around the imported object. If single
> export/import becomes the convention with ES6 modules then users will be
> forced to type an extra pair of {} several times in most of their files. Is
> the two extra characters something we can live with?

I have a good bit of experience coding ES modules, and I was worried about
that at first.  But hasn't been a problem for me.  Then again, I'm just one
person - it would be good to get more data from developers actually coding
with ES modules.

This syntax would make things completely obvious and simple though:  if
there's curly braces, then you're reaching into the bag and pulling out
things, and if there's no curly braces, you're getting the bag itself.
 There's even a visual analogy at play here:  the curly braces themselves
resemble the sides of a bag.
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