A way of explicitly reporting exceptions

C. Scott Ananian ecmascript at cscott.net
Tue Jun 24 06:38:54 PDT 2014

I am ambivalent about where it goes; it depends to some degree with
how the feature is implemented.

`setTimeout(function() { throw e; }, 0);` is ugly, but it seems to
have most of the behavior you want.  There are similar mechanisms with
promises and jobs that could be used.  I believe Allan said that the
"use the standard uncaught exception handler" behavior is already in
the standard.  If we're talking about tweaks to make this approach
more palatable (`Promise.throw(e)` ?) then the ES6 spec is

Alternatively, one could view this as part of the `console`
functionality, since what seems to be wanted is simply easier access
to the debugging capabilities of modern web consoles, like the
already-existing `console.trace(message)` which prints `message` along
with a stack trace.  (And some people want to be able to pass
additional flags to have certain special behaviors in a debugger.)
That would belong on the DOM side (or wherever the cross-platform
`console` spec is kept).

Finally, it hasn't been discussed much, but some platforms provide
explicit access to the 'uncaughtException' handler.  In python this is
and in node this is [an `uncaughtException` event on the process
If we wanted to standardize something like that I'm not sure which
spec that would belong in.

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