TC39 vs "the community"

Brendan Eich brendan at
Mon Jun 23 20:15:59 PDT 2014


But Garrett's post was helpful in its own way. @horse_esdiscuss agrees!


joe wrote:
> And here I thought you were making an educated argument with your 
> explanation of the history of propaganda and public relations.  When I 
> first read "corporate propaganda," I thought you mean the 
> propaganda of JS developers, not commercial corporations.
> Frankly, I find the idea that commercial interests trump corporate 
> identity hard to fathom.  If that were true, Java would be a very 
> different language today, and JavaScript would have long fallen into 
> disuse. "The community," very much exists;  it's not a figment of some 
> PR type's imagination.  Anyone claiming there isn't a sense of 
> corporate identity among JS developers is fooling themselves.
> I'm on the side of TC39, by the way.  I don't believe in democracy in 
> software.  That's why we have standards organizations.
> Joe

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