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A minimal, pragmatic and well integrated solution is the ES6 Module Transpiler:

Additionally, Addy Osmani maintains a comprehensive list of tools:


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> On Fri, Jun 20, 2014 at 11:39 AM, John Barton <johnjbarton at> wrote:
> I started out with a similar opinion. Then I wrote some ES6 code.
> What we need now is experience from using ES6-modules. We have plenty of decent implementations. We've built nodejs and browser applications based on ES6 modules. That experience shows that the ES6 solution is modestly superior to any ES5 solution. Moreover the ES6 solution interoperates with the main ES5 solutions.  Are there projects which attempted to use ES6 modules but where unable to succeed because of technical barriers?
> As a developer currently writing ES5 code, what's the best way to try out writing ES6 code that uses modules? Every time I try and look at bootstrapping ES6 with modules, I can't figure it out. A "Get Started Trying It Out" guide would go a long way, I feel.

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