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> Reading Marius' email, I realised what I find confusing in the newly
> proposed syntax that uses `*' to import the default export.
> The `*' symbol universally represents a glob of "everything", but when
> used to import from a module that has multiple exports, you won't get
> everything, you will get either the single default export (if there is
> one) or nothing.

What gives you that impression? Quoting David’s original email:

import * as fs from "fs"; // importing the named exports as an object
import Dict from "dict";  // importing a default export, same as ever

> As a final note, and at the risk of erring in the world of speculation
> that Brendan fears, are we just sleepwalking towards pushing people to
> work around the whole debate with the "universal":

“are we just sleepwalking” – what are you implying?


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