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> Sorry to be dense, but I would appreciate more elaboration of this
> sentence:
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> wrote:
>> This is a key sentence in David’s proposal: “ES6 favors the
>> single/default export style,
> What is the "single/default" export style?  If I understand this claim, it
> says that a module will typically contain a single export statement, either
> named 'default' or not. Is there any evidence to support this? Everything
> I've seen contradicts this claim, assuming I understand it.
> The syntax is (
> ):
>     export default AssignmentExpression

Yes, but I was not clear: where is the evidence that ES6 favors this form
or single named export. My experience is opposite: the simple thing in ES6
is to export those things you want exported. If it's one thing, then one;
if it's 6 things then 6. One is not favored.

> and gives the sweetest syntax to importing the default. Importing named
>> exports can and even should be slightly less concise.”
> Could you please give an example? In my experience, "export default" is
> rare or at least divisive since it seems stylistically incompatible with
> named exports.
> I’m surprised, too. But that seems to be the feedback from people working
> with large module-based client-side projects and from the Node.js
> community: single exports are most common.

I still don't get it. If you want one export, just export one thing. If you
want one big export object called _, then
  export var _ = {tons of stuffs}

One of the best references for devs to understand modules:
   The syntax for importing a default export is similar to normal
importing, but there are no braces

To me this is a bug not a feature; we should keep it simple and just have
one way to get one import from one export.

Just to make a connection to the topic, Dave's intro says:
   We've consistently seen confusion between the semantics of ModuleImport
and default export.

For me this confusion lands on default export equally as 'module` import.

I think in client-side projects, one class per module was reported as a
> frequent use case:
> ```js
> // MyClass.js
> export default class {
>     ...
> };
> // main.js
> import MyClass from "MyClass";
> ```
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