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> Sorry to be dense, but I would appreciate more elaboration of this sentence:
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> This is a key sentence in David’s proposal: “ES6 favors the single/default export style,
> What is the "single/default" export style?  If I understand this claim, it says that a module will typically contain a single export statement, either named 'default' or not. Is there any evidence to support this? Everything I've seen contradicts this claim, assuming I understand it.

The syntax is ( ):

    export default AssignmentExpression

> and gives the sweetest syntax to importing the default. Importing named exports can and even should be slightly less concise.”
> Could you please give an example? In my experience, "export default" is rare or at least divisive since it seems stylistically incompatible with named exports. 

I’m surprised, too. But that seems to be the feedback from people working with large module-based client-side projects and from the Node.js community: single exports are most common. I think in client-side projects, one class per module was reported as a frequent use case:

// MyClass.js
export default class {

// main.js
import MyClass from "MyClass";

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