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This is a key sentence in David’s proposal: “ES6 favors the single/default export style, and gives the sweetest syntax to importing the default. Importing named exports can and even should be slightly less concise.”

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> Thanks, Dave, for bringing that up, it shows you're open for feedback. That said (bikeshed begins), what's wrong with:
> ```js
> import "fs" as fs;
> ```
> ? I feel that a lot of effort went in ES6 into reducing boilerplate via e.g. arrow functions, classes etc. but if you start with Node's require, this adds clutter. Compare these 3 forms of importing all the module "lodash" bindings to an object _:
> ```js
> var _ = require("lodash"); // Node
> import * as _ from "lodash"; // Dave's syntax
> import "lodash" as _;
> ```

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