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Tue Jun 17 21:07:22 PDT 2014

Domenic Denicola wrote:
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>> >  See Allen's latest followup on this -- is it a static error to have both constructor and the static [Symbol.new]() method?
> IMO it shouldn't be, because it'd be weird to get an error for `constructor` + `static [Symbol.new]()`, but to not get an error for `constructor` + `static [Symbol["n" + "ew"]]()` and similar.

Silly me -- strike that "static" before "error" -- it still could be a 
strict error, but see latest meeting minutes where MarkM changed his 
position (cited below).

> Another way of guiding the decision: I don't quite recall where the spec landed `{ x: 1, ["x"]: 2 }`, but we should probably be consistent with that.

*Mark Miller:* I am ok with removing the constraint that duplicate 
dynamic object properties throw (in strict mode) with the caveat that we 
also remove the same constraint for duplicate static properties.


Still, in this case we have a ClassElement special form, 
constructor(){}. This distinction adds a choice not present in the 
ObjectLiteral case: to have a strict (dynamic) error on duplicate 
Symbol.new-equivalent name.


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